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  • What is causing these problems with reading, learning, and perception?
    They may be the result of Irlen Syndrome.
    And the Irlen®Method can be A Piece of the Puzzle.As a non-invasive but effective solution, it magically helps to correct one`s visual distortions, improve academic and/or work performance, as well as one’s physical condition.

    如果您本人或孩子,讀寫困難,課業落後,試過多種輔導方法,卻無濟於事,那麼很可能是起因於對光的視覺敏感。早在40年前美國教育心理學家Helen Irlen發現了此問題,後將其命名為“Irlen光敏綜合症”。此問題最有效的解決方法是“Irlen®光敏矯正法”。若有疑似困擾的話,應該儘早去做專業諮詢和專業篩檢。別讓孩子錯過黃金矯正期喔!