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投身IRLEN 事業的歷程分享

早在1998 年本人以日僑的身份隨台籍先生入住台灣。因精通英語又熱心教育工作,曾先後受聘於數家新創雙語學校。期間教過不少有學習困擾和情緒行為問題的學生, 因當初並不了解其實還有更好的資源可以幫助他們,而感嘆心有餘力不足。但常內心自問,難道真的無法看懂他們的問題實質嗎?

回到日本後開始接觸有關非主流教育的各種學術活動,並從Helen Irlen的著書 “Reading by the Colors” 中詳細了解到 “Irlen®光敏綜合症”(Irlen® Syndrome) 的存在和它全球範圍的影響。而其研發的專利矯正法 (Irlen® Method)已享譽全世界70個國家。此書已被翻譯成很多語種, 日本版也於2013年得以問世。

因本人與孩子也有疑似Irlen光敏感症狀, 遂於2011年去美國接受Irlen專業篩檢和矯正,同時自己也接受了專業培訓。之後作為Irlen專業篩檢師, 加入了日本筑波大學的相關團隊做Irlen研究和臨床服務。日本十幾年前已開始提供Irlen專業的篩檢和矯正服務。最近幾年日本各地都有父母帶著孩子不計路途和時間, 去該大學接受專業服務。

感恩在日本的Irlen臨床服務經驗, 讓我深切感到本資源的人本意義和它的影響。也立志將來要為先生的故鄉台灣做至誠的耕耘, 全力傳授和敬業服務。2016年蒙台灣社會的熱心支持,本人在台北成功舉辦了首場說明會。到會的除了學術界教授,還有各級老師,家⾧和有需求的孩子, 內心大受鼓勵。回國後向美國總部申請了本專業的上位資格和培訓。經過嚴謹的審核, 美國教育財團法人Irlen Institute於2017年8月正式任命並授權本人為Taiwan Director, 作為台灣首位專業濾光矯正士(Irlen® Diagnostician), 為台灣做全方位的服務和推廣。

希望我所服事的這項造福於本土學子和民眾的愛心事業, 能得到台灣社會各界的肯定和支持。並通過推動台灣對"Irlen光敏綜合症"的認知, 提升人本多元化的意識, 促進融合教育, 完善人本理想。


清河 麗依 (Rei Kiyokawa)
Irlen Taiwan Director

Originally majored in English Literature, I also hold a M.A. in International Economics, and an Oxford Diploma in EU Study. I later was much involved in bilingual school education in Taiwan, and further developed my career in Psychological Counseling. During years of my teaching, I often tutored children struggling with reading and writing without knowing what is the root cause behind their issues.

My quest for the missing piece of the puzzle came to an end having read Helen Irlen's book "Reading by the Colors" where I was educated in detail on Irlen® Syndrome. As its solution, the Irlen® Method is an amazing breakthrough in science and education that addresses the visual processing difficulties.

I became an Irlen® Screener in 2011 by Irlen Institute, and lator joined the Japanese Irlen center at University of Tsukuba. Since 2016, I have been dedicating myself to Irlen Syndrome Awareness in Taiwan by means of various Irlen presentations, my Irlen website, and my Facebook workpage "IrlenTaiwan" as well.

I am now a certified Irlen® Diagnostician, professionally ready to provide full diagnostic services to any individual in need of the Irlen® Method. My services range from the Pre-Assessment Consultation and Irlen® Screening, to Irlen® Diagnostic Testing and Spectral Filters Re-evaluation.

I am also authorized to conduct Certified Irlen® Screener Training Workshops and Training Seminars for PASS (Pre-Assessment for Scotopic Sensitivity). Any educator, professional or individual who would also love to help struggling children, teenagers & adults in need of the Irlen remedial treatment are welcome to apply and join. In addition, any requests for Family/School/Group Consultations or Irlen Presentations will also be possibly accomodated.

Since what we do is to support those in need to experience their learning success and life change, Irlen services are truly caring and rewarding! That is why I have been passionate about this work, and will continue to commit myself to pioneer in raising awareness of Irlen® Syndrome, and providing the Irlen® treatment Method in Taiwan.

Rei Kiyokawa ( 清河 麗依 ) , M.A.

  • ・Irlen Taiwan Director (Irlen項目台灣總監)
  • ・Irlen Diagnostician (Irlen光敏症濾光矯正師)
  • ・Psychological Counselor (日本認證心理諮商師)
  • ・Sandplay Therapist (日本沙遊箱庭療法師)
  • ・College Clinical Internship (日本筑波大学臨床研修員)
  • ・TESOL English Teacher (國際英語教學TESOL認證師資)

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