What is the Irlen® Method?(Irlen®光敏矯正法)

Irlen®光敏矯正法, 是一項穫得専利的濾光矯正治療技術。如果感覺有光敏感困擾 (Irlen Syndrome), 需要先做専業篩檢(Irlen Screening)來具體確認。若只有輕度症狀, 可暫時選用專業有色膠片(Irlen® Colored Overlays) 來幫助改善閱讀時的眼睛不適和疲勞。對於有中度以上症狀者, 則需要進一步做精密測試,以專業選定並客製濾光鏡片或者濾光隱形眼鏡(Irlen® Spectral Filters)。

  • 篩檢評估與專業濾光鏡片的選定,須由經過訓練的専業人士執行。
  • 一般的眼科醫生不可以取代執行,除非有受過専業培訓。

以上矯正措施, 臨床效果十分明顯。可立即解除視覺異常, 大大提升讀寫效率, 發揮学業或工作上的潛能。同時也改善生活品質和戶外活動。

  • 不同于教育方面的測試, 此項矯正技術結合了臨床問診和直接觀察,並有嚴謹的科研依據。客觀可靠,既有效又省資源
  • 因此, 建議學校或家⾧在規劃任何輔導教育或者特教方案之前, 優先考慮


詳見官網: http://www.irlen.com

The Irlen® Method is a patented treatment technology developed in 1980s by Helen Irlen. It is a solution noninvasive but effective to the issues related to Irlen Syndrome. The cornerstone of this method is its specially formulated colored overlays (colored plastic sheets placed on text), and precision-tinted spectral filters (in spectacles/contact lenses, or applied to one`s prescription lenses).

By filtering the problem light waves, the diagnostically selected colors reduce or eliminate perception difficulties and facilitates the brain`s processing for visual information. It is a treatment method for children and adults with reading or learning difficulties & other issues. It also helps population with dyslexia, ADD/HD, migraine or chronic headaches, autism, anxieties, and other sensory processing disorders,etc. As a compliment to other remedial interventions, it helps maximize educational, work, and daily activity performance.

Advanced color spectrometer technology ensure that Irlen® Overlays & Spectral Filters meet strict standards as the most effective color-correction tool. The color selection should only be conducted by an Irlen expert ,Not by general vision specialists unless trained.

Irlen® Screening is the initial diagnostic testing which identifies whether you are a candidate and need further help with the spectral filter. Clinic interviews & observations are incorporated into the testing process.

Over a million people worldwide use Irlen® Overlays, and over 100, 000 worldwide are wearing Irlen® Filters. 90% of them have the benefits of the Irlen® Method!

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